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the-dancing-cucumber asked: I love your disney princess drawing but you forgot kida!!

I’d really like to do another piece like this with Kida, Meg, Nala, and other Disney heroines that I adore. You’re right though, I should have put her on this list!! I based it off of the official line up + Leia (cuz why not).

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Anonymous asked: Are you french ?

I’m of French heritage, but not from France myself. I do adore the language, though, and I’d like to learn more of it! c:

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I drew a thing. I started out with a profile of Cindy and then decided to complete the list. And yes, that’s Princess Leia. She gets to be part of my collection. -puts on cool shades-

I’d kinda like to do all the Disney heroines?? I really had fun with these. WE SHALL SEE, SCHOOL IS STARTING ON MONDAY.

Here’s the image not chopped up.

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I kept running into this darling Lil’ Cap girl at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention. Every time we would pass each other, she would get really excited and give me a high five.

My favorite aspect of cosplaying is seeing others light up when they recognize you. It brings me a lot of joy to see how happy some people get. <3 It’s enough to make a girl feel like a celebrity! God bless y’all!

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Tea Party!

So I made a fascinator for a tea party I attended today at a British household for a friend’s birthday. It was a total blessing! The tea was scrumptious and the fellowship was lovely. I ate way too many little tea cakes and scones, though. I need to learn better self control…

I’m kinda proud of how it turned out. :3

The small white rose was actually really easy to make, and the other materials I mostly had in my scraps drawer. All in all, this piece only cost me about $10 to assemble. AMEN TO THAT.

I’m thinking of making some more…

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Green Lantern: The Animated Series



Can I say how AMAZING this series is?? BECAUSE LAWDY. My friend Cazie and I went through all the episodes like no one’s business. It’s so well written and humorous and ACTION PACKED! I adore all of the characters. Especially these two. Goodness gracious.


I sat two of my younger siblings down to watch the first seven episodes with me tonight, and they didn’t want to stop once the first dvd was over, haha. Amber is obsessed with Razer being a good guy. She will have it no other way.

-sheds a proud tear-

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A few weeks ago, Sami and I were having a Doctor Who marathon, preparing for the 50th Anniversary. I gotta say, this show, man. It inspires me to draw to no end. I have a few illustration ideas, so I’ll get around to those eventually!

I was so pleased to see Billie Piper back. And Tennant. And— Well, you get the picture. It was a splendid reunion. This is a horribly late post, but I thought it was at least slightly appropriate for today!

Also, Osgood was SIMPLY DARLING. With her scarf and inhaler.

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I was so excited when I got your name, and I immediately started plotting what I was going to draw for you. MY LIST WAS VERY LONG. Unfortunately, there are not enough days before Christmas for me to draw ALL of them, so I picked out my favorites and got started.

I GENDERBENT EVERYTHING LIKE YOU WANTED. You also get tiny kitten, giant doggy, Bucky (kinda), Hawkeye (kinda), BROS, pairings, famiry, was there anything else— DENGIT, I FORGOT A FOX AND RANDOMTYPE.

Whelp. -whips out PS and her scrollpad-

I fixed it. You’re welcome.


I super duper enjoyed making these for you. c:

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